North Fort Myers, Florida U.S.A.

Lee County

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Portable from Matlacha Island

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Welcome to the KC4TM website! If we have recently had a QSO, I want to thank you for going the extra mile in copying my QRP station whether I was portable or operating from my home QTH.

I enjoy straight key CW and can usually be found near the QRP watering holes on HF using 5 watts or less. I recently started trying my hand at QRPp power levels (less than one watt), and was pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to effectively make contacts.

I regularly operate portable from various locations throughout Florida including some historic landmarks and remote islands. My station is minimal and consist of an Elecraft K1 four band transceiver, an Oak Hills Research wattmeter and a homebrewed Z-match tuner. When portable, I use a 5 amp hr gel cell battery and a couple 2 watt solar panels. Antennas vary from an end-fed half wave length wire, a fishing pole vertical or a dipole.

My home QTH station is the same setup, except the power supply is the larger 7.5 amp hr gel cell and my antenna is a twinlead fed doublet at 45 ft. My QRO station has been packed away in favor of QRP operation. I purchased and built two K1's from Elecraft, one for my home station and one for the field. I also built an OHR wattmeter and a 40 meter OHR 100A, along with several Ten-tec 1300 series kits. I enjoy projects and homebrewing and testing various antenna setups.

Operating QRP has increased my operating skills and code speed and convinced me that worldwide DX is possible with just a few watts.


Photo by John Udart / KJ4RSF


My personal best Miles Per Watt contact so far!

My favorite pastime is operating portable in the field. I routinely visit parks, islands or remote locations to try my hand at setting a new "Miles Per Watt" personal best. My personal best is 4494.39 miles per watt. G3MJX gave me a 339 RST on 20 meters while using 1 watt. Not bad for a 2X qrp contact.

For me, there is nothing better than getting out in the field and enjoying the fresh air and sunshine doing what I enjoy most.

I return QSL 100%, if you send one.... you'll get one! 73 / 72